Remembering The College Days - S2:E7 - Mom Swapped

Channel: Mom Swapped

Nikki Nutz and Sam Bourne have tagged along with their stepmoms, Sharon White and Zlata Shine. Sam wants to know how the girls know each other, which sends them on a trip down memory lane about college. When Zlata and Nikki each make excuses to leave the room, they go right to making out in the hall. Sharon spies her stepson and friend locking lips, so she comes on hard to Sam. It turns out that Sharon and Zlata were pretty into group sex in college, and now they want to pass that legacy on to their stepkids. They set the stage by making out as Nikki and Sam watch, fascinated. Then it's time for a full on stepmom swap. Nikki gets to enjoy Zlata's boobies and pussy while Sam gets to eat out Sharon. The boys get their cocks sucked, leading to a full on foursome. Mounting Nikki in reverse cowgirl, Zlata bounces away as Sharon rides Sam in cowgirl. The girls lay in an almost-69 while Nikki bangs Zlata and Sharon gets her pussy pounded by Sam. Next the ladies get on their knees so Nikki and Sam can each give it to their friend's stepmommy. They each take a nice load, with Sharon getting it on her ass from Sam and Zlata earning a facial from Nikki. The ladies have realized that reliving their wild years is tons of fun and maybe they should do it again!