Stuffing Our Stepmoms For Thanksgiving - S2:E9 - Mom Swapped

Channel: Mom Swapped

For Thanksgiving this year, Aiden Ashley and Barbie Feels and their stepsons Ricky Spanish and Max Fills have decided to have dinner together. Barbie suggests that they go around the room and say what they're grateful for. Things escalate out of control as the expressions of gratitude start winding the stepmoms up about whose stepson has the bigger dick. The ladies decide to settle this right now. They instruct their stepsons to pull the goods out, which leaves them both pleasantly surprised. They can't help but drop to their knees, with Barbie taking on Max and Aiden giving Juan a blowjob. Stroking and sucking the guys, the ladies get them all primed before they lead them to the couch to have their wicked ways with them. Sitting the men down, Aiden climbs onto Juan's hardon while Max gets a ride from Barbie. The girls swap partners, with Barbie riding Juan in reverse cowgirl and Aiden doing the same for Max. Everyone takes a hot minute to peel their clothes off, and then Barbie gets on her knees so she can let Juan dick her down from behind while Aiden takes a pussy pounding on her back from Max. That's all the help the guys need to be ready to blow their loads, with Max delivering a big load to Aiden and Barbie taking one courtesy of Juan.