Its Healthy Sexual Behavior - S2:E10 - I'm Not Your Mommy


Fiona Frost has come to Athena Fleurs' place to interview for a position taking care of things around the house. The interview has just begun when Athena's stepson Jayden Marcos wanders in. He greets the ladies and allows Fiona to introduce herself before just going to work on Athena's hot body. As Athena lets Jayden feel her boobs up and then slide his hands down to her ass, Athena explains to Fiona that Jayden's mom thinks this is healthy sexual behavior and that she has agreed to it but Fiona wouldn't have to. Just as Jayden decides to lean Fiona over the counter and slide his dick right into her from behind, Fiona realizes that of course she wants this. She leans in nice and close for Athena to make out. Pulling Fiona's dress down, Athena sucks her new housekeeper's pierced nips. When Athena offers to have Fiona help her suck Jayden's dick, Fiona can't agree quickly enough. The girls move into a double blowjob that sees them taking turns sucking the cock and balls. Then Athena lets Jayden put her up on the island and sink all the way inside her cum loving pussy. Athena has Jayden climb onto the island next so she can ride him in reverse cowgirl. The trio finishes with Fiona leaning forward, her moans buried in Athena's pussy as Jayden dicks her down from behind. When Jayden pulls out and nuts on Fiona's ass, she agrees between kissing Athena to take the job.