Side Effects May Vary - Anal Mom

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Nick has a pounding headache, and no matter what he does, he can’t seem to shake it. He takes some headache pills and goes back to sleep, but even then, his migraine continues to throb. Nick enters the kitchen and finds his smoking-hot stepmom, Charlie, in skimpy lingerie. When Nick tells her he took the pills labeled “headache pills,” she laughs and tells Nick that he actually took boner pills - a twist no one could see coming. But Charlie knows how she can help Nick feel better and bring that boner down to a reasonable level. The scantly clad blazing hot milf walks her stepson to the couch, sits him down, and puts his cock in her mouth. Later, when she sees Nick still has a raging hard-on, she climbs into bed and lets the lucky stud fuck her in the ass.