Case No. 6615423 - The Shoplyfter can Dance - Shoplyfter Mylf

Channel: Shoplyfter Mylf

At the store, Ava was reported for stealing some merchandise. She is a tattoo artist and she needs the supplies to open her new shop, but Officer Giovanni cannot allow this. When taken for questioning, Ava is uncooperative with the security guard, giving him false information and hiding the stolen goods. Giovanni knows about her lies, so he strips her naked and conducts a thorough cavity search. Now that Ava is fully nude, the officer pulls the merch that she stole and tells her to use it, rubbing some oil on Ava and tying her hands. Giovanni is willing to let her go this time, but in exchange, she must dance for him and show him a good time. Eager to go, Ava accepts the deal and adds a little spice to the mix.