Christmas With You - PervMom

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Austin is home for his holiday break, and no one in the world could be more excited to see him than his stepmom, Alaina. She goes through his backpack and finds a sex toy. Curious, she has Austin pull down his pants so she can try it on him. Austin is totally perplexed but, even more so, is turned on. Later, he finds his stepmom naked in the bathroom, rubbing her pussy and waiting for him. She wants to suck his cock, and all she’s been able to think about is having her stepson in her mouth. Again, Austin is extremely turned on and knows that getting a blowjob from his stepmom is taboo, but he can’t contain his excitement. Finally, Alaina wants to go all the way and feel his cock inside of her. Adorned in fantastic holiday lingerie, she lets Austin fuck her. He can’t believe he’s getting to fuck his stepmom, and he knows it’ll have to stay their secret. Christmas with Alaina seems like a ton of fun, and Austin can’t wait to make this a yearly tradition.