[Mylfed] Thighs Before Pies - MYLF

Channel: MYLF

Skylar mistakingly shows up at Chloe’s house on Thanksgiving, thinking she has a shift as a babysitter that day. Chloe invites Skylar to stay for a while, given Skylar has no other place to go for the holiday. Chloe finds Skylar very attractive, and she can’t help but put some moves on the unsuspecting babe. Skylar soon reciprocates Chloe’s advances, and Chloe strips down to just lacey red lingerie. She looks immaculate, and Skylar knows she’s about to have an intense lesbian experience, and with a stunning milf, no less. To really get things going, Chloe brings out a strap-on and positions Skylar to fuck the sweet babe’s brains out. Chloe hadn’t anticipated to have her face between two thighs, but the result was even sweeter than that night’s pumpkin pies.