[Mylf X James Deen] Aiden Starr Oils Her Big Natural Boobs and Gets Fucked by James Deen - MYLF

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Question: What happens when a chick seduces James Deen with some sensual caressing and baby oil-covered big tits? To give you that answer, we have Aiden Starr, a blonde with massive tits and nice ass, to do it for the sake of science, mostly, fuck-science. Aiden Starr wakes up and finds that James Deen is beside her. She starts caressing him, but he doesn’t react at all. Maybe this pissed Aiden off and starts bringing out the big guns. She puts out her big tits and starts showering them with baby oil. With a bit of massaging to cover every bit of it, she then covers James’ face with her tits. Finally, James acknowledges Aiden’s advances. Maybe he finally noticed for the sake of living; there’s a chance of suffocating from those tits, after all. Aiden pulls out his cock, plays with it for a bit and James stands up to take over. Aiden lies down on her back and raises one leg. James starts fucking her right in the pussy. To properly punish this slut’s insolence of disturbing him, he didn’t hold back on roughing Aiden up, especially, in her pussy. After a while, Aiden ends up on top but that rough fucking didn’t stop at all. That continued for a long time with just slightly differing angles to fuck Aiden. On her back, from behind or sideways, James wrecked her pussy with his big dick energy. To even full acknowledge this big-boobed slut, he plays with her big tits. But everything has to come to an end. When he was ready to end this morning fucking, he hovers his dick over Aiden’s mouth and spews a huge load of cum into her mouth. Again, even at the end, he didn’t fail to notice her huge tits. He plays with her nipples for a bit.