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Suki’s life has become mundane. She can’t quite remember when her happiness faded and every day became a slog, but nothing excites her anymore. Her stepfamily upsets her more than anything. They used to be the light of her life, and now they’re more like strangers occupying her melancholy world. Her stepdaughter, Alexia, is someone she doesn’t recognize anymore. Alexia is brash and mysterious, and it only seems the rift between them is widening. Her husband, Leo, is aloof and out of touch with reality. Suddenly and without explanation, Suki’s life seems to change. While meeting with Wendy, an auditor with a short fuse and little patience for late payments, Suki seems to be elsewhere. It’s like time has stood still, and her stepson, James, and her husband, Leo, speak to her, but it isn’t the James or Leo she knows from her timeline - these people are from another dimension and explain she is the last puzzle piece to a possible apocalypse. Suki must go on a reality-bending fuck-filled adventure to shift the course of her life and reunite her failing family. It won't be easy with Danny, Wendy, and Alexia in her path, but as Suki rediscovers herself, her powers grow stronger.