[Mylf Classics] I Dream of Eating Ass - MYLF

Channel: MYLF

What’s up, Mylf lovers? It’s time for a Classics update, so let’s jump into the fun. This scene was originally published on November 18th, 2021, as part of the Anal Mom series. Fans love Erin Everheart and her talent for taking big cocks. As a scene that continues reigning as a fan favorite, we knew we had to celebrate this as part of the Classics series. In this scene, Danny has an intense addiction to eating ass. He dreams of it while he’s asleep, and it’s what fuels him when he is awake. His ass-eating addiction is causing quite a life conundrum, and he wants to kick the habit, but his stepmom Erin makes this a difficult task to accomplish. Erin is always working out in her tight yoga outfits, and Danny can’t help but stare. He longs for his stepmom but knows he can never have her. Erin sees the way Danny looks and feels flattered. It’s nice to be admired, and she thinks Danny is pretty cute himself. One day, Danny finds it particularly hard to resist his stepmom. Erin looks impeccable in her yoga attire, and her ass is begging to be eaten. Danny helps his stepmom stretch out on her mat, hoping she doesn’t feel his cock stiffening as he presses himself up against her. She does notice a little but decides not to say anything. Later, while Erin pretends to be asleep, Danny makes his move. Unable to hold out, he pulls Erin’s pants down and starts going to town on her butthole. It’s everything he’d hoped it would be and more. Erin loves the wild sensation of having her ass eaten, shuttering with excitement with every lick. When she finds out it’s Danny who is eating her ass and not her husband, she is shocked and pushes herself away. But Erin is too turned on at this point to resist letting her stepson continue. Even if it is taboo, if it stayed their secret, it would be okay. Danny goes back to work eating Erin’s ass, letting the milf sit on his face. She moans and shakes with delight. Erin needs Danny’s cock bad, and she wants him to keep focusing on her ass. Danny fucks his stepmom’s ass hard until he’s about to bust. Erin pushes her legs back so that her feet are behind her head. Danny strokes his cock and cums hard, letting his load drip down into his stepmom’s mouth and onto her tits. It looks like Danny’s ass-eating days aren’t over yet now that he and Erin have found this special connection.