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Chloe needs some “plumbing” done at her house, and she knows just the guy to call. Her girlfriends have been talking about Quinton, a handsome and muscular UK guy with a versatile skillset. Chloe coyishly calls Quinton and asks how soon he can be there. Like the professional he is, Quinton says he can get there ASAP and hurries over. Chloe gets ready and is excited to see just how good-looking Quinton is. When he arrives, they waste no time on the real matter at hand. Chloe wants cock, and she needs Quinton to fuck her like she hasn’t been fucked in a long time. He gets to business and eats out Chloe on her bed. Right away, she can see that Quinton was the right man for the job. Her pussy ignites with pleasure, and she pushes his face deeper in. Things get even better when Quinton thrusts his cock deep inside of her, taking Chloe to a whole other level of delight. To reward Quinton for his services, Chloe lets the hulking stud cum all over her eager face.