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Sweet Sweet Luna, she’s been one my top girls for years now. You might even say she’s got a special place in my heart but that would be naive. Fucking Luna always brings a smile to my face so it’s angers me when I see some punk ass pimp abuse my shit. She was covered in bruises and scratches from a low level worm who calls himself Lil Peter. Everyone knows she’s a working girl but she’s always been my working girl. Every whore needs a Daddy and that’s who I am to Luna. She cums to me for support and guidance. Therefore I always get to reap the sexual benefits and she just gives it to me. When she came to my hotel room the other night she was covered in bruises. I know she’d never tolerate that shit from some random ass John. It was that piece of shit pimp she deals with. I’ve always hated pimps. Yes, they’re slick with women but fucking cowards when it comes to men. I have zero tolerance. I asked Luna to tell me who had marked her up and she hesitated. I began to inspect her beautiful caramel Latina skin and let me tell ya, I got so aroused. My big dick started to swell within my pants. Staring at that tight little asshole as it winked back at me. She would give me any anal pleasures I craved. I could see that tight shaved pussy dripping wet and eager for my thick cock. Her big fake tits were so perky the nipples looked like they could cut glass. There’s something so intriguing about a blonde Latina and I can’t put my finger on quite what it is. Anyways I grabbed her by the throat and started to choke her. God knows how she likes to be dominated. I pushed her head up against the mirror in doggy style and licked her luscious pussy lips like lunch. I threw her head up against the wall and face fucked her like an animal. That mouth was like a vacuum just sucking out all my seed. I threw her on the bed into missionary and plowed away as those fat pussy lips stroked my shaft over and over. That big Latina butt was bouncing like a rubber ball on a playground. What a treat she was and she was all mine for the taking free of charge. This is why I get so angered when someone takes advantage and abuses these whores. Looks like I’ve got a date with the devil because nobody fucks up my pussy!

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