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Mayara and Tiffany sit on the living room floor with their art pads in hand. They’re trying to draw nude male models, but without the anatomy in front of them, the milfs are having difficulty capturing the image. Behind them, their stepsons, Jimmy and Nicky, attempt to snatch a credit card and a phone to watch premium porno in the bathroom. Tiffany walks in on Jimmy mid wanks, and he begs her not to tell his stepmom, Mayara. Tiffany then gets a devious idea - what if Jimmy and Nicky served as their male models? Tiffany brings the guys into the living room, where they strip nude. It started as just a funny idea, but after seeing their impressive cocks, Tiffany and Mayara are beginning to feel horny. So they claim they want to get the guys hard as a reference for their drawings, but really, these horny milfs want to see what Jimmy and Nicky can do with their big dicks. So they aren’t messing around with their own stepson, Mayara sucks Nicky’s cock, and Tiffany sucks Jimmy’s. Their lust is getting insurmountable, and now instead of just sucking dick, the milfs want to have their pussies filled. While Tiffany is getting railed by Jimmy, she can’t help but wonder what her own stepson’s cock would feel like inside of her. Mayara feels the same way, but fortunately, she doesn’t have to wait long to find out.