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46493 - Real Estate agent Jamie Michelle is showing Alex Legend and his girlfriend a nice home. The girlfriend seems disinterested of the situation and is busy on her phone. Alex Legend is excited about how hot Jamie Michelle is looking, they start to flirt as the girlfriend is clearly distracted. Jamie starts describing the house in a very sexual manner, she opens the fridge door and there is a stick-on dildo attached to it. She starts sucking it in front of Alex Legend, he is super turned on and while his girlfriend is not looking, he decides to unzip Jamie Michelle skirt and slide a finger in her pussy. Jamie and Alex go behind the island so she can start sucking his dick very sneakily. The girlfriend eventually gets off the phone, she comes to check up on her boyfriend while he gets his dick sucked but she receives another call then leaves the room. The boyfriend and the MILF make their way to the living room to fuck on the couch maintaining the secrecy of the situation from the girlfriend. The girlfriend catches them and lets out a “WTF!?” The MILF realtor drops the keys in her hands saying, “not my problem” and walks out, while the guy shrugs his shoulders with guilt.

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Download this from MILFED