Black Friday Part 2: Sharing the Sugar - BadMilfs

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(Black Friday Part 2 of 3): Chanel is a pro at spending lots of money and loves nothing more than a shopping spree. Finding a sugar daddy is a no-brainer, and luckily for her, Will can be just the man she needs in her life. Chanel goes to Will’s extravagant house, which is perfectly befitting of a sugar daddy. Will explains that he’ll take care of Chanel and wants to be her everything. The one catch is that Chanel will also have to appease Crystal, Will’s wife, as she wants all the same benefits her husband gets. Chanel never backs down from a good time and gets right to work. In the bedroom, Crystal and Chanel eat each other out and get each other ready for Will. Will fucks both babes hard, and they take his dick like pros. Chanel can’t believe how incredible her new life is and loves every second of it.